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Next Task Decider

At the moment, I use Todoist to manage my task list.

Task are divided into projects, and hierarchically organized within each project. Within this hierarchy, I assume a total ordering, s.t. the first unfinished task with no uncompleted child tasks (and other conditions as well) is the next action for that project.

Working within this framework allows me to focus on a smaller part of each project at any given time, minimizing time taken to reorient when switching tasks.

This project aimed to codify these rules in a small Python-based website, with the aim of automating as many parts of the process as possible. The availability of a RESTful API was a strong factor in my choice of Todoist over other task management software, and their API has been thoroughly unsurprising, in the best sense of the word.

This project is for personal use, with no plan to change that. It grows organically as I find I need new features. :-)